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I hope this information is helpful to you, and I look forward to “working” with you if you decide to choose me as your celebrant.

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Commitment Ceremonies



Commitment ceremonies provide a special forum in which you can declare the love you have for one another in front of your family and friends. They are not legally binding, yet have the same ritual and warmth as in a marriage ceremony.

Many couples decide to celebrate their relationship in this way. I am excited and delighted to be a marriage celebrant for same-sex couples, now that the laws have finally changed.

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Renewal of Vows

Couples who have been married for some time may decide to renew their vows to acknowledge and celebrate their continuing love and commitment.

A renewal of Vows ceremony can be held at any time, but many couples choose a time which coincides with a special anniversary, event or milestone.

As with marriage ceremonies, I enjoy crafting a personalised and unique ceremony which reflects the husband and wife as individuals and as a couple.

Naming Ceremonies

Congratulations on the birth of your child! The arrival of a child brings much happiness, and a Naming Day gives an opportunity to honour a new life and acknowledge significant family members in the child’s life.

It’s also a time when Godparents (mentors) can be appointed.

Children are so special – they are full of promise and are the creators of the future!

Every ceremony I craft is unique to you and your child, and is based on our discussions at meetings in the lead-up to the Naming Day.


While this is a very sad time, it can also be a celebration of your loved one’s life and their many achievements, including their significant impact on your life and that of others.

With the passing of a loved one it is important to gather together and mourn together.

My services are personal and professional, and I offer guidance in preparing a ceremony that honours the family and those who have died.

My counselling skills come to the fore on these occasions.

We recently required a celebrant for our mother’s funeral and immediately thought of Deb. She was a wonderful celebrant who assisted with the planning, selection of readings and a very balanced view of our requirements. We were most grateful that Deb agreed to be celebrant and would recommend her for similar ceremonies.
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